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Vol.51, No.3, Feb. 2024
Data science from the view of the Regulatory Science and Open Science: Theory and human resource development
~Pre-symposium for the establishment of Interfaculty Initiative in Regulatory Science of Biomedical Science and Engineering, Gunma University~
Vol. 51, Suppl 39, 2024
Patient involvement in the development, regulation and safe use of medicines: Report of the CIOMS Working Group XI
Vol.51, No.2, Oct. 2023
The First Annual Conference of the Society for Health Data Science
Vol.51, No.1, Jul. 2023
Frontier of Clinical Medicine as Predictive Science
Vol.50, No.4, Feb. 2023
Data science and research ethics to achieve the SDGs: The future of regulatory science and academic journalss
Vol.50, No.3, Dec. 2022
The 1st Bioethics Seminar Development of bioethics and SDGs / The 2nd Bioethics Seminar Patient-oriented Bioethics
Vol.50, No.2, Oct. 2022
LHSI - the first anniversary commemoration symposium
Vol.50, No.1, Jun. 2022
The current state of the legal framework for research involving humans: International and domestic analysis
Vol.49, No.3, Feb. 2022
The 12th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine 2021 /
Perspectives for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic: Science, society and medicine: the 2nd session
Vol.49, Suppl XXXVIII 2021
COVID-19 and bioethics Part 3: Pandemic and research ethics-Democracy, placebo and post-trial access
Vol.49, No.2, Sep. 2021
Research Meeting and Webinar on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL):
Research and development for neglected diseases and associated social issues
Vol.49, No.1, May 2021
The effects on sales volume share of value-added generic drugs
~A complex analysis of pharmaceutical companies’ motivation to develop value-added generic drugs~
Vol.48, Suppl XXXVII 2021
The real status of Japan’s “2040 issue”: The role and mission of TRI / Road to Learning Health Society
Vol.48, No.3, Dec. 2020
Perspectives for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic: Science, society, and medicine
Vol.48, No.2, Oct. 2020
Medical Innovation and Longevity (the 2nd session): “Centenarian heart” and “cancer genome medicine”
Vol.48, No.1, Jun. 2020
Presidential Symposium in the 40th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 2019
International Collaborative Research and New Trends of Research Ethics /
The 120th Pharmaceutical Study Group Meeting Ethics of international collaborative research: Perspectives from Brazil
Vol.47, No.3, Feb. 2020
The 2nd meeting on the future perspective of the pharmaceutical industry utilizing Real-World Data and Digital Health /
Methodology of risk-benefit assessment and standardization of voting options in IRBs /
The mission and experience of layperson members of the IRB/EC in Korea and Japan
Vol.47, No.2, Nov. 2019
The 19th International Conference in Pharmaceutical Medicine (ICPM) 2018 (Tokyo): The Future of Medicines Development
Vol.47, Suppl XXXVI 2019
Achievements of AMED and exponential research and development in Japan /
The Steps to Disease Control: University’s mission to establish an R&D ecosystem
Vol.47, No.1, Jun. 2019
Product development and innovation in the era of Digital Health /
Academia-initiated product development and the Clinical Trials Act
Vol.46, No.3・4, Feb. 2019
Clinical trial data sharing; Clinical Trial Act in Japan / FDA・EMA Guidance on botanical/herbal product development/
From the symposium titled “Product development and research ethics: the past, present and future”
at the 16th annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies
Vol.46, No.2, Sep. 2018
Perspectives toward global health: Life-saving portfolios /
Front line of academia-initiated product development / Regulatory considerations in Japan and the US
Vol.46, No.1, Jun. 2018
Actual status and future perspective of clinical trial data sharing-Ethics, credibility, and available technology for trial data linkage- /
The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part VI)
Vol.45, No.4, Feb. 2018
Paradigms shift of drug discovery, development and lifetime management (Part II) /
The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part V)
Vol.45, No.3, Nov. 2017
Partnership for NTDs drug discovery originated in Japan /
The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part IV)
Vol.45, No.2, Aug. 2017
5th World Centenarian Initiative International Symposium on Stroke /
The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part III)
Vol.45, No.1, Apr. 2017
The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part II) /
2nd Taiwan-Japan Academic Research Organization Workshop / ASIA ARO Network Workshop
Vol.44, No.4, Feb. 2017
Overcoming neurodegenerative diseases by innovative therapeutic developments /
4th World Centenarian Initiative 2nd Medical Technological Innovation Symposium in Hirosaki /
Toward the global standardization of molecular imaging biomarkers
Vol.44, No.3, Dec. 2016
Paradigms shift of drug discovery, development and lifetime management /
Taiwan-Japan Academic Research Organization Workshop 2015 /
3rd World Centenarian Initiative International Symposium on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Vol.44, No.2, Jun. 2016
The 14th Setouchi International Conference on Clinical Trials /
The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part I)
Vol.44, No.1, Apr. 2016
2nd World Centenarian Initiative International Symposium on Alzheimer's Diseases Prevention Strategy /
The 30th Japan Association for International Health Congress 2015 Trend in global health and infectious diseases
Vol.43, No.2, Jan. 2016
Rare and Intractable Diseases Translational Research Conference 2014 Toward the New Horizon of Rare Disease /
Consolidated strategic meeting for cancer research and management in disruptive innovation era
Vol.43, Suppl XXXV 2015
Public Debriefing Session 2014
Vol.43, No.1, Aug. 2015
The 33rd Aso-Kujyu Conference on Clinical Pharmacology /
Consolidated Strategic Meeting on Development of Next-generation Cancer Molecular-targeted Therapy /
The 2nd Translational Research Center Workshop /
The challenge of developing new treatments for NTDs originating from Japan
Vol.43, Suppl XXXIV 2015
Moving beyond the Comfort Zone
Vol.42, Suppl XXXIII 2014
Public Debriefing Session 2013
Vol.42, No.2, Oct. 2014
The 12th Setouchi International Conference on Clinical Trials /
The 32nd Aso-Kujyu Conference on Clinical Pharmacology /
Medical Innovation Management and the trend of data standardization
Vol.42, No.1, Jul. 2014
Overcoming neuronal system refractory diseases: The current situation and future prospects for the development
of innovative therapies for spinal cord injury / Translational Research Center Workshop
Vol.42, Suppl XXXII 2014
Next Steps and Actions as one of the Leading Countries
Vol.41, No.4, Feb. 2014
Reformation of clinical research and medical innovation policies in Japan: Challenges and opportunities /
Reflecting on the credibility of investigator-initiated clinical trials /
The regulations and credibility of investigator-initiated clinical trials in the United States and Europe
Vol.41, No.3, Jan. 2014
The 3rd International Symposium of Early Stage Clinical Trial /
Urgent special topic Opinions on the concept paper of integrating epidemiological and clinical guidelines
Vol.41, No.2, Oct. 2013
The 11st Setouchi International Conference on Clinical Trials /
Expert Conference on the Revision of the Declaration of Helsinki in Tokyo /
Neurosurgical treatment of psychiatric disorders
Vol.41, No.1, Jul. 2013
Public Debriefing Session 2012
Vol.40, No.2, Mar. 2013
Dawning of the “Sunshine Act”: Towards a new phase of conflict of interest management /
The 2nd International Symposium of Early Stage Clinical Trial /
The 31st Aso-Kuju Conference on Clinical Pharmacology
Vol.40, No.1, Oct. 2012
New trend of clinical trial and clinical research /
The 10th Setouchi International Conference on Clinical Trials
Vol.40, Suppl XXXI 2012
Public Debriefing Session 2011
Vol.40, Suppl XXX 2012
Innovative Strategies for Enhancing Regional Drug Development as a Global Drug Development
Vol.39, No.3, Mar. 2012
The 30th Aso-Kuju Conference on Clinical Pharmacology / First-in-Human Trial Seminar & Workshop
Vol.39, No.2, Oct. 2011
Public Debriefing Session 2010 / International symposium of early stage clinical trial in Beppu
Vol.39, No.1, Jun. 2011
The status and perspectives of compensation for research-related injuries
Vol.39, Suppl XXIX 2011
Innovative Strategies for Future Objectives
Vol.38, No. 4, Mar. 2011
The international conference in Matsuyama for promoting global clinical new drug developments /
Consensus meeting for adipose tissue derived stem cell therapy
Vol.38, No. 3, Oct. 2010
The 8th Translational Research Educational Program / Public Debriefing Session 2009
Vol.38, No. 2, Sep. 2010
The use of Bayesian statistics in clinical trials
Vol.38, No. 1, Jun. 2010
ICH-S7B, E14: The notifications in Japan and their impact on new drug development
Vol.37, Suppl XXVIII 2010
Significance of Asian Studies in Simultaneous Global Clinical Trials
Vol.37, No.2, Feb. 2010
The international meeting for promotion of global clinical development in Tokyo
What is the true endpoint of global clinical trials and how do we manage?
Vol.37, No.1, Oct. 2009
10th annual meeting of the Japan Society of Clinical Pharmacological Studies /
The 27th Aso-Kujyu Conference on Clinical Pharmacology
Vol.37, Suppl XXVII 2009
Learning from Experience and New Challenges for the Future
Vol.36, Suppl XXVI 2009
Clinical science : Principles and practice-Science, law and humanity-
Vol.36, No.3, Apr. 2009
Microdosing clinical trials of biologics
Vol.36, No.2, Dec. 2008
Drug development and Medical Research Act in the Netherlands
Vol.36, No.1, Aug. 2008
The symposium on Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy for Psychiatric Disorders
At the 47th meeting of the Japan Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
Vol.35, No.3, Jun. 2008
J-CLIPNET - Bases for early phase global clinical development
Vol.35, No.2, Dec. 2007
The international meeting for promotion of global clinical development in Beppu
Vol.35, No.1, Sep. 2007
A handbook for IRB members
Vol.35, Suppl XXV 2007
Japan's Critical Path Opportunities
Vol.34, No.3, May 2007
Safety information: reporting, dissemination, and analysis
Vol.34, No.2, Apr. 2007
What is the future of obstetric medicine?
Vol.34, No.1, Feb. 2007
CIOMS Guidelines for Biomedical Research
Vol.34, Suppl XXIV 2006
What is the TGN 1412 case ?
Vol.33, No.3, Oct. 2006
Basis of translational research: Academia-oriented clinical trials and new drug and medical technology development
Vol.33, Suppl XXIII 2006
Development, Evaluation and Approval of New Drugs
Vol.33, No.2, Apr. 2006
Position and role of the Asian and Oceanic regions in drug development
Vol.33, No.1, Dec. 2005
ARO and IRB: Business-academia collaboration
Vol.32, No.2・3, Sep. 2005
Risk management of pharmaceuticals-product management and project management-
Vol.32, Suppl XXII 2005
Global Development Strategies of New Drugs
Vol.32, No.1, Apr. 2005
Clinical trial registration and the issue of "Mixed health insurance"
Vol.32, Suppl XXI 2004
Scientific and ethical evaluation of regenerative medicine
Focus on bone marrow and fetal stem cell clinical research
Vol.31, No.3, Sep. 2004
Actual status of the new drug approval review system
Vol.31, Suppl XX 2004
Forefront of New Drug Development Strategies
Vol.31, No.2, Apr. 2004
The regulatory situations of clinical trials in the US, Europe and Asia
Vol.31, No.1, Dec. 2003
The changing situation of clinical trials and support systems: Actual problems and how to solve them
Vol.30, No.2・3, Sep. 2003
Clinical research in the "Bio-Genome Century" and the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
Vol.30, Suppl XIX 2003
Simultaneous, Worldwide Development Strategies
Vol.30 Suppl XVIII 2003
Vol.30, No.1, Oct. 2002
Quality assurance of investigator-oriented clinical research in Japan
-Current status and efforts towards future development-
Vol.29, No.2・3, May 2002
Knowledge management and knowledge sharing
Vol. 29, Suppl XVII 2002
Bridging Strategies and Pharmacogenomics
Vol. 29, No. 1, Nov. 2001
Drug safety-current status and future perspectives
Vol. 29, Suppl XVI 2001
Clinical Evaluation of OTC Drugs and Traditional Drugs
Vol. 28, Suppl XV 2001
Bridging Strategies
Vol. 28, No. 3, Jun 2001
The 2000 revision to the Declaration of Helsinki and ethics in this era of globalization
Vol. 28, No. 2, Jan. 2001
Support systems for clinical trials under the new GCP
Vol. 28, No. 1, Oct. 2000
External quality assurance in clinical trials
Vol. 27, Suppl XIV 2000
World wide view on development and evaluation of switched and direct OTC
Vol. 27, No. 3, Apr. 2000
Information disclosure on clinical trials and international public health
Vol. 27, No. 2, Dec. 1999
Present Status of Clinical Trials and Supporting Systems in Three Regions (Japan, the US and Europe)
Vol. 27, No. 1, Sep. 1999
Application of Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials
Vol. 26, Suppl XIII 1999
Evidence of Off-Label Use of Drug
Vol.26, No.3, Feb. 1999
Vol.26, No.2, Nov. 1998
Vol.26, No.1, Jul. 1998
Vol.25, No.2・3, Apr. 1998
Vol.25, No.1, Sep. 1997

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