Vol.45, No.2, Aug. 2017
5th World Centenarian Initiative International Symposium on Stroke / The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part III)
EditorialFukushima M272-4Full text
5th World Centenarian Initiative
 International Symposium on Stroke-Innovation for longer healthy life-

          Representative organizer:Matsumoto M
          Organized by:Translational Research Informatics Center, Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation
275-368 Abstract
 Opening remarksMatsumoto M278-9
 Current status of the recurrence of non-cardiogenic strokes and the future prevention of stroke in JapanSuzuki N280-5
 State of stroke in JapanMiura K286-9
 Risk factors and biomarkers for stroke preventionKitagawa K290-5
 Stroke risk factors and preventionKamouchi M296-302
 Stroke registry in outcome and translational researchJeng JS303-8
 Transient ischemic attack (TIA) revisited: Clinical significance and managementLee YS309-12
 Translational stroke research: A personal perspectiveFisher M313-7
 Advances and future aspects of endovascular treatment of acute strokeYamagami H318-22
 Intracerebral hemorrhage and deep microbleeds associated with cnm-positive Streptococcus mutans;
  A clue to developing a new preventive strategy
Ihara M323-8
 Acute treatment in strokeKimura K329-33
 Magnetic resonance in acute strokeIgarashi H334-8
 Neuroprotection of neuroserpin in cerebrovascular diseases: From bench to bedWang L339-42
 Intravenous transplantation of autologous mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow into stroke patientsHonmou O343-6
 Intra-arterial stem cell therapy in stroke patientsBanerjee S347-51
 Cybernic functional regeneration using Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) for the patients
  with neuromuscular and cerebrovascular diseases
Nakajima T352-7
 Restoration of post-stroke upper limb paralysis with BMI neurorehabilitation:
  From basic neuroscience to clinical application
Liu M358-62
 Closing remarksNagai Y363-4
 Fukushima M365-8
The past, present and future of bioethics and research ethics (Part III)  
 A Letter to Scientists ─ Deep Concerns about Dual-Use ResearchFukushima M369-81Abstract
 Dark Tourism: Opening a new horizon in BioethicsKimura R383-93Abstract
 Dark tourism: Is it a challenge to the dignity of humanity or a journey of requiescat?Saio T395-402Full text
 Dark Tourism and the “Recovery of Humans”:
  Learning from the disaster victims and remembering the nuclear power plant accident together
Shimazono S403-11Abstract
 Dark tourism can be the fortune teller of disaster medicineTomioka J413-8Abstract
 A “dark tour” from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Chernobyl toward Fukushima and South AfricaKurihara C419-29Abstract
 Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (Common Rule), revised:
  Revision of Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45, Part 46, Subpart A
   (Basic HHS Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects)
Sato H,Tomio J431-4Abstract
 Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45 (Public Welfare, Department of Health and Human Services),
  Part 46 (Protection of Human Subjects), Subpart A. Basic HHS Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects
(Trans. by Tomio J,Sato H)435-53
 Regulations for clinical trial and human subject protection in the United StatesKurihara C455-80Full text
 On the ICMJE clinical trial data sharing statement: Its background and summary of its issueKurihara C,Saio T481-92Full text
 Data sharing statements for clinical trials: A requirement of the International Committee of Medical Journal EditorsTaichman DB,Sahni P,
Pinborg A,et al.
(Trans. by Saio T,Kurihara C)
493-6Full text
Instructions for authors[Japanese] & [English]  497-505 Full text
Editor's noteUchida E507Full text

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