Vol. 51, No. 1, Jul. 2023
Frontier of Clinical Medicine as Predictive Science
EditorialFukushima M 5-7Full text
Frontier of Clinical Medicine as Predictive Science
   Organized by:Learning Health Society Institute & 21st Century Medical Research Institute
 Opening remarksFukushima M12-4
 Introductory LectureSankai Y15-29
 Lecture 1Kimura Y30-41
 Lecture 2Kawakami E42-60
 Lecture 3Sakurada K61-81
 Designated remarksTeramukai S82-5
 Closing remarksFukushima M86-9
 Consideration for Approving Associations between COVID-19 Vaccines
  and Adverse Events by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan
Suzumura Y91-101Full text
A Symposium on Clinical Trials in Ukraine and Bioethics103-52Full text
 Opening remarks
  ・Opening Remarks and instructions
  ・Welcome Address
  ・Remarks from Drug Information Association

Kurihara C
Kagawa C
Granville CA

 The current issues of the ethical review system in Ukraine
  in the context of Russian invasion
Dobrova V110-23
 ARENSIA Research Clinic in Kyiv: Operation from Day 0 of WarLevenko E124-35
 Clinical trials under the Air Raid Alert accompanimentPatsko V136-42
 Comments from International Federation of Associations
  of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP)
   and Ukraine Clinical Research Support Initiative (UCRSI)
  ・The effect of Ukraine war on international drug development
  ・Introduction of the collaborative activities with IFAPP Ethics WG
  ・Ethics, clinical research, situationally adaptive clinical trials,
    and open science: Learning from the Ukraine crisis

Kerpel-Fronius S
Matsuyama K
Crawley FP

  ・Additional comment by organizerKurihara C
 Legal bases of inter-hospital patient transfers using ambulances in Japan:
  Need for radical revision of the system of law on emergency medicine
Saio T153-64Full text
 Some comments on Dr. Tsubaki’s reanalysis paper
  of the Nagoya cervical cancer immunization survey data
Morikawa T165-72Full text
Instructions for authors[Japanese]&[English] 173-81Full text
Editor’s noteKurihara C 183Full text

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