Vol.48, No.2, Oct. 2020
Medical Innovation and Longevity (the 2nd session): “Centenarian heart” and “cancer genome medicine”
EditorialKurihara M306Full text
Round table discussion
 Medical Innovation and Longevity (the 2nd session): “Centenarian heart” and “cancer genome medicine”

          Organized by Kurihara C,Cooperated by Fukunaga A, Nakayama R, Saio T


 Part 1 History and future of artificial heart development and cardiac physiologySakamoto T,Ishii T,Takaku F,
Atsumi E,Kurihara M
 Part 2 Cancer genome medicine and information technology: ChrovisNishimura K,Participants of the Part 1334-50
 Additional comments on COVID-19Participants of the Part 1351-3
 Original article:Utilization of Information and Communication Technology in IRBs
  as a countermeasure against the COVID-19 outbreak and future challenges
Tsutsumi N,Kurihara C,
Matsuyama K,et al.
355-66Full text
 Progress and Challenges of CTDS:
  From the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry
Kato T,Aoki S,Ohtsuka W,et al. 367-74Abstract
 Use of the National Cancer Registry Data in JapanShibata A 375-82Abstract
 A review on pain of decubitus injuries: Focusing on clinical practice guidelinesSaio T 383-90Abstract
Explanatory articles and translations
 On the Japanese translation of the report by UAEM and TranspariMED
  on clinical trial result registration: Global concern and challenges in Japan
Kurihara C,Saio T 391-8Full text
 Clinical trial transparency at US universities
  Compliance with U.S. law and global best practices
(Trans. by Saio T,Kurihara C)
399-409Full text
 Outline of the FDA guidance on adaptive designs for clinical trials:
  With an overview of adaptive designs
Saio T,Kurihara C 411-6Abstract
 Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials of Drugs and Biologics
  Guidance for Industry
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Food and Drug Administration,
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER);
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)
(Trans. by Saio T,Kurihara C)
Instructions for authors[Japanese]&[English] 449-57Full text
Editor’s noteSaio T459Full text

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