COVID-19と生命倫理/COVID-19 and bioethics

 Published Dec. 25, 2020
Clinical Evaluation Vol. 48, No. 3
下記10月22日開催 Webinar講義録(英語)
 Record of the below webinar on Oct. 22
ブラジル生命倫理学会勧告No. 01/2020 和訳
 Japanese translation of the SBB Recommendation No. 01/2020
 Oct. 22, 2020
COVID-19と生命倫理:Part 1 ブラジル生命倫理学会勧告No. 01/2020と直面する課題
COVID-19 and bioethics: Part 1 Ethical Challenges and COVID-19:
 Recommendation No. 01/2020 of the Brazilian Society of Bioethics (SBB)
   ※参考:See Recommendation No. 01/2020
YouTube録画/video-recorded version

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