Controller Committee

These pages are the reproduction from the supplement No.12(vol.20,1992) of "Rinsho Hyoka(Clinical Evaluation)", which commemorates the 20th anniversary of Controller Committee and introduces our activities during the twenty years(1972`1992).
What's Controller CommitteeH
The Controller Committee: The Philosophy behind Its Foundation and The Activities during the Past Twenty Years (1972`1992) -by Yorio Satoh
Nature, Aim and Activities of the Controller-Committee
The history of the Controller Committee
The history of the twenty years (1972`1992)
Own Research Activities and Cooperative Studies of the Controller Committee in Medical Researches
The number of clinical trial by name of disease or indicative classification
Number of Clinical Trials and Patient
Comparison of New Drug with Standard Drug (Global Improving Rate)
Comparison of New Drug with Standard Drug (Global Improving Rate, compared with placebo)

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